Turkey Time! Thanksgiving Movies to Watch Between Cooking and Feasting

Turkey Time! Thanksgiving Movies to Watch Between Cooking and Feasting 

Grab those comfy pants! Thanksgiving is more than just a holiday to celebrate family and feasting — it is the perfect excuse to stream your favorite festive movies all week long.

When not eating mashed potatoes and apple pie, families and friends alike can cozy up on the couch to watch classics like A Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving or the animated hit Free Birds. For family drama, Pieces of April, Hannah and Her Sisters and Home for the Holidays are all great options.

Some fans, however, might want a rom-com to swoon over while digesting copious amounts of pumpkin pie — enter You’ve Got Mail. While the 1998 movie isn’t directly about Thanksgiving, it does encapsulate the fall season.

Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan take fans back to the early days of the internet when people met via chat rooms. Hanks’ Joe Fox and Ryan’s Kathleen Kelly may hate each other in real life as Joe’s Fox Books threatens to shutdown Kathleen’s Little Shop Around the Coroner, but online, they can’t help but fall in love.

“No, it’s not like we feel any of that chemistry when we’re just sitting there waiting to film a scene,” Hanks told Entertainment Weekly in December 1998 of his and Ryan’s connection. “We just talk to each other the way we’ve always talked, even back when we did Joe Versus the Volcano. We never talk about the movie or the mechanics of the scene. We just talk about goofy things we’ve read or seen somewhere.”

On screen, however, their love is one that can’t be beat — especially when Joe tells Kathleen via their AOL chat, “I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address.”

If a more modern love story is what you want on Thanksgiving, look no further than Turkey Drop. The 2019 film debuted on Freeform and shows the darker side of romance: the moment someone gets “turkey dropped,” or dumped over the holidays.

However, watching Olivia Holt’s character, Lucy, get broken up with by her high school sweetheart while home for Thanksgiving isn’t all fans get from the rom-com. Holt revealed that autumn themes are everywhere in the movie, feeding into the post-meal feels many people want from a movie.

“The leaves were changing [when we filmed in Canada], and you can feel it when you watch the movie. You get the Thanksgiving vibe,” she told KTLA5 in November 2019. “[The network is] totally embracing Thanksgiving. We’ve never really had a holiday movie that’s based around Thanksgiving. I feel like we’re finally giving back to everybody who has been wanting that genre.”

The Cruel Summer actress added: “Cinematically, we just wanted it to feel like a fall movie. It’s a rom-com, so I think that was most important for us to execute a beautiful, romantic story but based around this time of year.”


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