Introducing yourself

My name is Hana MELKI. I’m 26 years old.

I am an international humanitarian law and international human rights law master student in the Faculty of Law and Political Science of Tunis, Elmanar University. I’m working on my master’s thesis on « the protection of the health care personnel in armed conflicts »

I am also a master’s degree student in law and policies of the african Union in the Faculty of juridical, political and social sciences of Tunis, Carthage University, working on my thesis entitled « The African Union and the regionalization of International Investment Law ».

Important events

One of the most important events that has changed my life is the beginning of my activism in civil society, where I find myself passionate about what I’m doing and proud of the change I’m contributing to, even if it’s a slight one.

I am a member of the Tunisian Environmental Law Association and a volunteer in Aswat Nissa, a NGO aiming to allow Tunisian women to carry their voice and take their rightful place in society.

The promotion of just causes, the dissemination of universal values and the sensitization of public opinion are among the most important reasons for which I live.

Upcoming projects :

I have two upcoming projects : the first initiative I’m launching will be as a trainee on advocacy in favor of the SDGs and the 2030 Agenda of the United nations,as part of the SafirEU program. I haven’t set the sustainable development goal I’m going to work on yet.

The second one will be with « Aswat Nissa » NGO, an initiative within the framework of strengthening women’s awareness of their rights.

Advice for women who want to be successful :

I will draft my advice in the form of a speech for every woman :
Success is not one equation, not one path. It also has no specific time to be achieved.
Just thinking about change and achieving your economic independence is an important step towards success.

Develop your skills and look for the opportunity that suits you and never give up till you find it.
Work with love and passion and strive for your self-fulfilment and inner-peace.
Never forget to strengthen women around you, especially the little ones.

Never expect the world to be fair, instead work from where you are to create a fair space where people around you have equal opportunities in all areas of society.
Life is a journey, and you have to leave a trace.

Your opinion about the website :

Two words : THANK YOU !

Last word :

Believe in yourselves ! The human mind can achieve the impossible if it wants to.

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Décembre 2021

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