Imane Karouach


Actrice Marocaine en Inde

– Bonjour, avant tout, pouvez-vous vous présenter SVP ?

Imane Karouach is just a simple girl who is filled with lots of life, good ideas and a positive person who believes in herself.

– Racontez nous un peu votre parcours
My career if you mean acting to be honest i am not trying since years will reveal the secret why very soon.
but i can assure you that i did brought last 8 months to morocco an indian film and we shot it in tanger and warzazate…thats what i do now i coordinate between both contries morocco and india as well i have a file of shahrukh khan to do a show in morocco but for that i need to come soon to morocco and start looking for sponsors.
as well i wrote 3 film scripts one its a moroccan film its ready i just have to put it in a good moroccan production and try my luck for it with the CCM to approve the funds to it.
as well i am planning to open my own moroccan production so i can deal directly with international films in the future because my first indian movie i brought to morocco i have choose Freggab production to do the producer line so they cheated me and my indian team and they put me true a bad setuation with the indian crew…and they didnt pay me as coordinating for them…so its just a bad experiance to do somene big many productions were asking me to work with them for that indian Mujjahir film project.. but i thought youness reggab is a friend so i choose him …after finishing the shoot i came to know his claiming that i was there just as an audiance..who will go from india to morocco to sit as an audiance as im staying in india where they have 1000 of shoots every day in film city..but i do have a proof his email before that shoot happend in morocco..when i sent him the list requirement of that movie and he was replying & saying please imane dont let this project go to some other moroccan production and thanks for thinking of me first as a local line producer.

– Pourquoi spécialement l’inde
To do something diffrent from the other stars…but i did as well a tele film with Said Anaciri..un marie a i am doing inshallah a moroccan movie it calls attahadi…written by Siham Arif.

– Quels sont vos projets d’avenir ?
Ill be writting more and doing line producer for indian movies (inshallah) and ill open an indian restaurent.

– Quel est votre conseil pour les femmes qui veulent réussir ?
My advice to them that they should go very slowly in there steps to reach & have the right results & the most to believe in the field they have chosen…i guess howmuch it will take from there ages or energies they should be positive and hard working as well..otherwise they will succeed for a short time and they will disapear again fast.

– Que pensez-vous de la situation de la femme au Maroc ?
I think its pretty well now days in morocco.. wemon are kind of equal setuations as men…they work they boss they are educated so i guess the Moroccan women should be proud of themselves in this century.

– Votre avis sur  ?
Its a professional website where you can share you interviews. either in the beauty activities or enetertainment sector.

– Un dernier Mot
Very happy to meet ..and will keep you posted on my future ventures.

Interview réalisé par  : Aziz HARCHA

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