Bonjour, avant tout, pouvez-vous vous présenter SVP

My name is Mona Roukachi and Im 22 years old. I was born in north Sweden, city named Umea and thats where I grew up with my family.
Im the oldest child in the family and I have two smaller sisters and one little brother. My origins are ofcourse Morocco and Im from Tanger wich I visit as much as I can.

Et votre vie professionnelle

My life as a professional artist has changed my life in many ways,
I suddenly became a famous singer from being unknown by doing the same thing, exept that I got oppertunity to be seen and heard on television.
I also became a person to the moroccan public to model themselves on and its a big responsibility and important to advocate subjects in my music wich are good for the world and my own image.
Morocco is my home country and I used to go and spend my holidays there with my family and relatives but that has defenetly changed seens I won Studio 2M.

Comment est née cette passion pour chant

My passion for music has always been with me seen I was a kid. My first proffession dream was actually to become a astronaout and I even used my voice and wrote lyrics to express my feelings for that dream.
I was also a very active person in sports, I was playing soccer and practising taekwondo and I liked everything so much but as every activity,
I had to sort them out and think about what I really wanted and thats when I realized that music was something that I never would be able to just have as a « hobbie », I wanted to give 100% and I decided to keep on with music, and let the rest of my activities just be my hobbies.

Quels sont vos Projets d’avenir

My future projects are to push myself and my music as much as I can, even if I won this competition its still allot of things thats missing, to make my carrier perfect. Im now preapering my real first album that Im planning to release official in Morocco and Sweden in 2008 and its about to be completed. If I get succsesess with my album Im planning to start a sort of a charity project. Music is becoming the international language, people are listening and looking up to artists more than the politics in the world today and as an artist its important to make use of that situation and make something good out of it.
I want to collect money to help poor people in Morocco as well as in whole Africa, but I need help on my way and thats what Im working on right now.

Vue de Suéde, que pensez-vous de la situation de la femme au Maroc

As I experience here in Sweden there is big differences. First of all, we are living in two diffrent cultures and that is making the biggest diffrence. Sweden is the most democratic country in the world, and women has the same rights as men here in every kind of way for example; in payment of jobs, rights of expressions of diffrent oppinions, independence and so on..
Comparing to Morocco women are still a bit « under » the men, its a part of our cultur, but time is changing and I think that allot has changed in short time in Morocco and thats really good. The Moroccan women are becoming more and more independed and they are more visible than before, their words are becoming louder and we are becoming on the same level as men. Ofcours its not possible to change theese things drastic, but by time the Moroccan women are taking more and bigger place in the society. Big Up for us Women!!

Dernier mot

I would like to thank all the people who has supported me from the day they got to know who I am! I know I havent deliverd much seen I was actuail but I want you to know that Im not gone, Ive just been staying low and working hard for everything Im doing and I hope inshalah that it gives positive results.

I have just released my new single « Why » featuring Mojo and Im requesting everybody who is interested in my music to visit my myspace page on www. to see my new updates and news for more releases. I also have a website but its under recondstruction right now but please stay tuned I will soon be updating it as well!

This page is wonderful www. lamarocaine. com, I just wished it could be in english as well because my french is really bad! 🙂

Par : Aziz HARCHA

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