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Noura Lachiri

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1- Bonjour, avant tout, pouvez-vous vous présenter, nous raconter votre parcours et vos activités:

Noura Lachiri, 23 years old, Sales and Marketing Executive/Data researcher, a Tiktoker & Art creator.

I have always been this excited and passionate person in a group of friends. Which is why I try to use that energy to invest in myself to be the best version of myself.

I love art, for me everything in this world has its artistic side if we have seen deep enough, each situation, sight, moment etc…

actually, I always try to use this artistic part of my career, to look at things differently, to THINK differently.
I am still acquiring the knowledge necessary to achieve my career goals in digital and artistic marketing.

2- Et votre vie professionnelle

I give advice, and convince the decision makers within the biggest & international companies to use IT products/services, on behalf of “Oracle, Dell, Adobe, Indeed…”
Furthermore, I always want to develop my digital marketing skills in order to have new adventures.

3- Et pourquoi ce secteur d’activité

I feel like the creative part of myself appear most when it comes to the art of the marketing world. particularly that it is all a matter of client psychology, I adore the complexity of the human brain.

4– Quels sont vos projets à venir ?

  • I will be exploring new experiences in digital marketing.
  • further develop my style of painting, mostly on feminism.
  • Influence other youth who require motivation (particularly women).

5- Quels sont les moments ou événements qui ont changé votre vie

There’re a lot of moments that changed my life completely, but the biggest one is: “How people in my country see women as incomplete humans ,or the sexualized creature”.in these kinds of moments, a huge desire kept growing in me, day by day to MAKE THE CHANGE and be the example.

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6– Quel est votre conseil pour les femmes qui veulent réussir ?

The only enemy that will prevent you from success is YOU. only you and your faith , to believe on what you can do and learn that anything is possible if you make the first step.

7- Votre avis sur la situation de la femme au Maroc

I can see that there are developments when it comes to women’s rights, but the mindset has not changed (not to mention the minority).
As a matter of fact, how normalized sexual harassment… is unbelievable.
For this reason we must keep our mouths open, enough silence.

8– Votre avis sur le site ?

Big thanks to this website, such a powerful move.

Do what you fear, only your fears that can make the change not the safety zone.

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