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Ashley Stahl est une professionnelle du contre-terrorisme devenue un coach de carrière très demandé, une blogueuse de Forbes et une auteure dont la mission est d’aider les demandeurs d’emploi à se lancer dans une carrière qui les illumine. En tant qu’auteur créatif, entrepreneur des temps modernes et créateur de contenu, plus de 516 000 demandeurs d’emploi se sont inscrits aux formations gratuites d’Ashley, tandis que ses cours en ligne ont aidé des milliers de demandeurs d’emploi dans 31 pays à trouver leur meilleure adéquation professionnelle, à décrocher des offres d’emploi et à améliorer leur confiance en eux.

YOU TURN : Whether you’re living for the weekends or counting the minutes until 5 pm every day, life is too short to wish it away because you feel stuck in your job. The good news is that you have the power to stop living on autopilot and turn your career around.
« Follow your passion, » « find your purpose, » and « do what you love » have joined the parade of bland directives that aren’t doing much to actually help you figure out what you’re meant to do with your career. Instead, they only create more confusion. If all we had to do is « follow our bliss » . . . why aren’t we blissful yet? The truth is, the best career is not one where you only do what you love, but one where you honor who you are.
In You Turn, counterterrorism professional turned career coach Ashley Stahl shares the strategies she’s used to help thousands ditch their Monday blues, get clarity on what work lights them up, and devise an action plan to create a career they love.
This book gives readers access to Stahl’s coveted 11-step roadmap that has guided thousands of coaching clients in 31 countries to self-discovery and success. Throughout her process, you’ll:
   • Discover your Core Skillset. Uncover your gifts and talents to create an intentional career path that’s fulfilling and aligned with who you are—and what you’re good at.
   • Understand your « Inner Money Blueprint. » Discover the root of your money mindset, and how to break free of financial limitation.
   • Clarify your Core Interests. Identify the difference between a passion, gift, and calling so you can get clear on what’s meant to be a hobby-and what’s meant to be a career!
   • Become your own coach. Walk away with a unique set of tools for staying true to your best self in times of stress, frustration, or anxiety.

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Whether you’re considering a career pivot, or just curious about what else is possible for you, it’s time to make a « You Turn »—to get unstuck, discover your true self, and thrive (not just survive) in your career.

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