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Meriem karim

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– Bonjour, avant tout, pouvez-vous vous présenter, nous raconter votre parcours et vos activités, Et votre vie professionnelle

Hey everyone! I’m Meriem, a 24-year-old graduate from the National School of Business and Management, specializing in supply chain management. By profession, I’m a production planner in an automotive manufacturing company, where I’m constantly fascinated by the intricate world of supply chain management and logistics flow. Outside of work, I love immersing myself in books and documentaries that keep my mind active and engaged.


– Et pourquoi ce secteur d’activité

I chose the automotive industry sector because I believe it offers unparalleled opportunities to immerse myself in the real flow of logistics. This sector not only allows me to continuously learn and develop new skills but also provides a high-tech work environment with long-term job security. Additionally, the competitive wages and benefits offered in this sector make it an attractive choice for career growth and stability


– Quel est votre conseil pour les femmes qui veulent réussir ?

My advice to women aspiring to succeed is to believe in yourself unconditionally. Trust your instincts, embrace challenges as opportunities for growth, and never underestimate your worth or capabilities. Surround yourself with a supportive network of mentors, allies, and peers who champion your ambitions. Remember that success is not a destination but a journey, so stay resilient, persevere through obstacles, and never be afraid to carve your own path


– Votre avis sur la situation de la femme au Maroc

The situation of women in Morocco, like in many parts of the world, is complex and evolving. While there have been significant strides in recent years towards gender equality, challenges still remain. Initiatives to empower women economically, socially, and politically have been instrumental, yet there’s still progress to be made in areas such as access to education, healthcare, and representation in leadership roles. It’s important to foster inclusivity and equal opportunities for all genders, to ensure a brighter future for women in Morocco.

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– Votre avis sur le site ?

Your website sounds like a valuable platform dedicated to empowering women by providing them with a space to share their experiences and perspectives. By offering support and opportunities for women to voice their stories, you’re helping to amplify their voices and advocate for gender equality. Providing a platform for powerful women to share their journeys can inspire others and catalyze positive change. It’s commendable work that contributes to building a more inclusive and equitable society


– Dernier mot ?

My final word would be to encourage everyone to keep striving for equality, empathy, and understanding in all aspects of life. Let’s continue to support each other


Entretien réalisé par Aziz HARCHA
Avril 2024

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